And at first there was the beginning…

‘Face your fears’ the financial guru said whilst interviewed on a national tv program. I thought about her words for a moment trying to put them into a financial context, then I got it. She was right, facing your fears makes perfect sense. So I asked myself, what are my financial fears? And my answer was honest, I strived for the approval of others rather than myself and in doing so had remained for a very long time in a high paying, yet highly unfulfilling job. Funnily enough though I was not aware of this when I handed my resignation in last week. What I was aware of however was the overwhelming feeling of freedom and happiness that enveloped my being the moment my resignation was accepted.
Now I fully understood why I felt so free: I had taken a forward leap and faced my financial fears head on.
I have no idea where I’m headed or what life has planned, but what I do know is that I have faced a deep seeded fear and embraced the unknown.
And now? Well, l shall simply await the wondrous possibilities that will undoubtedly unfold.


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