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Travel Theme: Liquid

It’s getting hot. Really hot. And with the heat comes time spent in the pool.

Yesterday, with the mercury touching 32C the boys and I (oh and his Lordship aka Stanley) spent the afternoon by the pool.

When I logged onto WP and saw Ailsa’s theme for this week, the few shots I took yesterday were fitting.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I imagine your yesterday’s were somewhat different.

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After the storm…

Living in a sub-tropical climate, severe thunderstorms can be commonplace during the summer months. Last night Mother Nature gave a performance indicative of this time of year.

Photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Daily

Massive claps of thunder shook my house, bolts of lightening turned night into day.

Torrential rain swept fallen palm fronds, branches and leaves along swollen gutters.

Then came the morning.

Droplets of rain glistened in the early morning light, insects reconstructed broken homes and foraged for food amongst the now thriving and rain drenched landscape.

Nature: Ferocious. Unpredictable. Magnificent.


Help: Does Stanley have doggie separation anxiety?

I have a doggie dilemma and in need of advice on how to stop Stanley (my loveable pooch) from barking incessantly when I’m not at home. I believe  it’s probably caused by separation anxiety and I’m at a loss as to how to solve the problem.

At his first modelling assignment as Toto for a friends Wizard of Oz shoot.

It only came to light yesterday afternoon when I returned home from my casual job. My neighbour approached me and said Stanley barks ‘all day long, everyday’, which is incorrect as I’m only gone a few hours, a few days a week . And whilst I agree it  is very frustrating to have a dog bark continuously, to have a neighbour say ‘your dog nearly died the other day, I was ready to do it myself…’ was very upsetting.

So I now need to find a solution, as although he can go to a friends when I’m away, that is not always practical.
Obedience training perhaps? Or has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts as I would appreciate any advice.


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Sunday Post: Surroundings…

Here is something I wrote years ago for my boys about surrounding yourself with loved ones: they loved it and giggled excitedly whenever I read it …

Excuse me, Pardon me…I do believe it’s time for Tea.

Pardon me, said Flea,
I do believe it’s time for tea,
our friends should be here soon,
so shall I pour a cup for you?

Oh yes indeed, said Bear,
then would you care to share my pear?
Flea replied, Well yes, of course,
and can you spare a piece for Horse?

Oh my, I’d be delighted,
as Horse said, How exciting,
for I’ve brought some chocolate cake,
that we can share here by the lake.

Just then Crocodile appeared,
with a grin from ear to ear,
she carried buttered scones,
and on her feet, she wore orange thongs.

Lion arrived right then and there,
Parading his newly coloured hair
It was purple, like his cake,
which he said was freshly baked.

At that moment Bat flew in
He was sad and without a grin
Oh my, my, I’m very late,
and I’ve forgotten to bring a plate.

Flea said, please do not worry,
you should really not have hurried,
we have just begun to eat,
so please find yourself a seat,

Bat then sat upon a chair,
And chose to try a piece of pear,
That made Bear cheer and smile,
along with Crocodile.

So beneath a big fig tree,
they laughed and drank their tea,
Then right on four o’clock,
They hugged goodbye, and all took off.

Excuse me, pardon me, I do believe it’s time for tea…
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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Let’s face it, we all love and appreciate comments we receive on our posts, I know I do. I find them encouraging, constructive and at times, humbling. Yesterday, a comment on my Renewal post from Nick at LetsBeWild  did just that, humbled me. After his humbling comment, he went on to suggest I take a look his Weekly Photo Challenge. I did, and consequently grabbed my camera and went outside this morning and discovered a myriad of wildlife going about their daily business in the vicinity of my pool.

The following was what I captured and as such I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo ChallengeThis week’s Challenge is: Wildlife.  Thanks Nick…

The Green Mile…


Renewal can evoke many thoughts and feelings. For me this weeks Photo Challenge theme brought about a time of reflection. I have renewed many aspects of my life of late and I have been refreshed and revitalised for having done so.

This challenge reminds me of time spent with my beautiful niece Kate, who is also my friend and travel partner. We took a trip to Europe together to renew and refresh from the rigours of our flying lives. We laughed, we cried, we were lost and we were found, but most of all, we renewed our beings along with our love and mutual respect for each other…

An afternoon in Innsbruck brought laughter, lost ways and parking fines…



renewing the senses in Switzerland…

renewing the love and laughter…


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Ailsa’s Theme; Soft..

When I read that Ailsa’s theme this week was Soft, thoughts of my travels through France with my darling son Rob came to mind.

The softness of his being coupled with the beauty of Annecy and it’s surrounds is captured I feel, in these images: I hope you agree…

The soft, still waters of Lake Annecy, France…