WPC: Lines…

What better way to start [again] at the beginning than with a Weekly Photo Challenge.

My feet are again placed on the proverbial starting “Line“line as last week I unwittingly deleted all my followers that I had acquired over the many years I’ve been a WordPress user.

How did I make such an error?

I decided to change to and on following instructions, migrated data etc and followers over to the new site.   After a few days of frustration I decided it wasn’t working for me, so returned to my However on deleting my Jetpack subscription I did not realise that my followers would also be deleted.

Call me naive, or stupid if the cap fits, but as I still had my original site live, I simply presumed all would be well.  No, it wasn’t

So all that’s left to do is to stand on the starting line once again and hit the ground running.

Ah as the French would say: c’est la vie…




It has been sometime since I have picked up my camera and captured images of wonderful people and places.

Not because I haven’t wanted to, but quite simply because life is what life is. And sometimes it takes you down a different road, if just for a little while.

The other day a message asked me back, back to a place where laughter and love was in abundance and where I captured it for prosperity.



Humanity’s footprints. They are there, everywhere…

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I love dogs. They are always on an adventure of sorts: sniffing, hunting, playing, searching or simply being the beautiful beings that they are…

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If we take the time to look: life truly is AMAZING…

How often do we take the time to strip away what can be defined as difficult times, only to reveal a different truth to the one we thought we knew?
Yes, that sentence is quite complex. But think about it. We can often think we’ve been dealt a tough hand, a bad deal, a horrible time.
Define it how you will, but it comes down to thinking life has not always been kind.
This may well be true in part.
But look deeply. Look hard. What do you really find?
Personally. At this moment, as I sit here listening to music and lolling through old images on the 23rd of May, 2014. I come to a realisation about life.
I’ve had an amazing life.
I’m truly one of the lucky ones.
I’ve travelled. I’ve lost. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed.
I’ve LOVED. And I’ve been LOVED.
What more could I want?
Here’s a few of my favourite images, taken by me and for me that depict a great life.
Life truly is amazing!
Embrace it!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

On November 5th, I will be heading off to discover new horizons as I shall be spending the next 12 months on Penghu, an island off the coast of Taiwan. This week’s theme therefore was quite fitting, for I’ll be bidding farewell to my current horizons that are familiar and comforting. And I shall be also saying goodbye to friends and family, and someone who falls into both of those categories is my niece, Kate: she is new to WordPress, take a look at her first Photo Challenge. I think she’s amazing.

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A hitchhiker’s guide to bodyboarding…

I found out something interesting after picking up my son from a day of bodyboarding. Hitchhiking is possible when out catching a few waves. I kid you not.


This little piece of interesting information came to light when I collected my son from a different beach from the one I had dropped him off at earlier in the day.

The conversation, as he deposited his wet, brown self into the passenger seat went a little like this…
‘So how did you get from Pocket to here?’ I asked. ‘We hitchhiked’, he replied. ‘What! You hitchhiked?’ Horrified at the thought of my son getting into cars with strangers, I started a tirade about the dangers of hitchhiking, which was met with a rather quizzical expression from him. Actually it was more like, ‘I think Mum has gone a little loopy’ type of expression. ‘Mum, the jet-skiers see us paddling around the Point and ask if we want to hitch a ride, so we do. It’s a lot easier than paddling.’

So I learnt hitchhiking is not only confined to our roadways, obviously it is also common practice in the surf!