Help: Does Stanley have doggie separation anxiety?

I have a doggie dilemma and in need of advice on how to stop Stanley (my loveable pooch) from barking incessantly when I’m not at home. I believe  it’s probably caused by separation anxiety and I’m at a loss as to how to solve the problem.

At his first modelling assignment as Toto for a friends Wizard of Oz shoot.

It only came to light yesterday afternoon when I returned home from my casual job. My neighbour approached me and said Stanley barks ‘all day long, everyday’, which is incorrect as I’m only gone a few hours, a few days a week . And whilst I agree it  is very frustrating to have a dog bark continuously, to have a neighbour say ‘your dog nearly died the other day, I was ready to do it myself…’ was very upsetting.

So I now need to find a solution, as although he can go to a friends when I’m away, that is not always practical.
Obedience training perhaps? Or has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts as I would appreciate any advice.


5 thoughts on “Help: Does Stanley have doggie separation anxiety?”

  1. I’m sorry Jen! And what a lousy thing for your neighbor to say. I’m going to look into a good resource I have access to and then get back to you. Hugs for you and Stanley!


    1. Thanks so much Erica, I was hoping I would hear from you. And yes it was terrible, although he said it jokingly as he’s actually quite a good neighbour, I just didn’t find it funny. Not to mention how stressful it must be for Stanley. My boys tell me he mopes around when I’m not home and they cannot even get him to play, which is why I thought of separation anxiety. A little background that might be useful; I got Stanley 12 months ago at 8 months of age. He was part of a breeding/show kennel with over 40 dogs and they couldn’t show him. His first 8 months were spent with little or no human contact and when I met him, I picked him up, cuddled him and showered him with love. Before long, he would not leave my side.


      1. Hey Jen: I’ve been trying to send a link to an article, but it won’t post. Can we not include links in replies? I can email a PDF to you instead if you’d like. It’s from a really good newsletter I subscribe to, called Whole Dog Journal and it is a really good resource for advice, no gimmicks. Little Stanley sounds like such a sweet guy, I’m sure he can get past this with your help!


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