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Sunday Post: Surroundings…

Here is something I wrote years ago for my boys about surrounding yourself with loved ones: they loved it and giggled excitedly whenever I read it …

Excuse me, Pardon me…I do believe it’s time for Tea.

Pardon me, said Flea,
I do believe it’s time for tea,
our friends should be here soon,
so shall I pour a cup for you?

Oh yes indeed, said Bear,
then would you care to share my pear?
Flea replied, Well yes, of course,
and can you spare a piece for Horse?

Oh my, I’d be delighted,
as Horse said, How exciting,
for I’ve brought some chocolate cake,
that we can share here by the lake.

Just then Crocodile appeared,
with a grin from ear to ear,
she carried buttered scones,
and on her feet, she wore orange thongs.

Lion arrived right then and there,
Parading his newly coloured hair
It was purple, like his cake,
which he said was freshly baked.

At that moment Bat flew in
He was sad and without a grin
Oh my, my, I’m very late,
and I’ve forgotten to bring a plate.

Flea said, please do not worry,
you should really not have hurried,
we have just begun to eat,
so please find yourself a seat,

Bat then sat upon a chair,
And chose to try a piece of pear,
That made Bear cheer and smile,
along with Crocodile.

So beneath a big fig tree,
they laughed and drank their tea,
Then right on four o’clock,
They hugged goodbye, and all took off.

Excuse me, pardon me, I do believe it’s time for tea…

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