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After the storm…

Living in a sub-tropical climate, severe thunderstorms can be commonplace during the summer months. Last night Mother Nature gave a performance indicative of this time of year.

Photo courtesy Sunshine Coast Daily

Massive claps of thunder shook my house, bolts of lightening turned night into day.

Torrential rain swept fallen palm fronds, branches and leaves along swollen gutters.

Then came the morning.

Droplets of rain glistened in the early morning light, insects reconstructed broken homes and foraged for food amongst the now thriving and rain drenched landscape.

Nature: Ferocious. Unpredictable. Magnificent.

life, photography

Good morning Mooloolaba…

This morning was stunning. Summer is well on its way (not that we have much of a winter here) and so a walk on the Coast’s beautiful Mooloolaba beach was on the agenda. I suggested it to Stanley who naturally welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm, after all a change from our normal walk would mean new sniffs and scents.  I don’t know why I don’t head to the beach every morning, after all it’s only a 5 minute drive and what awaits is simply beautiful.

Here’s a visual representation of our morning…

Mooloolaba beach