Signs are everywhere. Some are easily seen, some are subtle: such are the signs of life. Subtle indicators of life, left for another to see..


Travel Theme: Metal

On seeing Ailsa’s theme this week, I was taken back to my time spent in Penghu. Metal objects were in abundance, in many shapes and many forms.


A boy and his camera: the results…

My 15 year-old son Rob took his camera, his bike and his friend to the beach today: these are the images I found in the camera…

Yes I am a proud Mum, but I think his images are brilliant. And because of the ‘ripples’ he captured within his images, I felt they were fitting for Ailsa’s travel theme this week.


Weekly Travel Theme: Mountains

Mountains: majestic, silent, protective and playful. I love them, their silent presence instils a sense of calm and I feel safe when bathed in their company.

For Ailsa’s theme this week I chose a collection of mountains that adorn the French and Austrian landscape. Their beauty a spectacular backdrop to my travels there with my 14 year-old son, Rob.

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Travel Theme: Liquid

It’s getting hot. Really hot. And with the heat comes time spent in the pool.

Yesterday, with the mercury touching 32C the boys and I (oh and his Lordship aka Stanley) spent the afternoon by the pool.

When I logged onto WP and saw Ailsa’s theme for this week, the few shots I took yesterday were fitting.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I imagine your yesterday’s were somewhat different.

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Ailsa’s Theme; Soft..

When I read that Ailsa’s theme this week was Soft, thoughts of my travels through France with my darling son Rob came to mind.

The softness of his being coupled with the beauty of Annecy and it’s surrounds is captured I feel, in these images: I hope you agree…

The soft, still waters of Lake Annecy, France…

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Travel theme: animals

Posts that highlight my loveable friend Stanley have frequented my blog and when Ailsa posted this weeks theme of animals, well I felt Stanley needed to star once again. Stanley’s typical day includes a fair amount of ‘travelling’ i.e from the couch to the bed, to the car, to the pool, to the table, to the beanbag, watching our resident kangaroos… ah yes, Stanley’s daily travels.

Chatting to an ant…

Snooze by the fire…

A quick bodyboard in the pool…

An outing in the car…

A heart to heart with Camel…

Letting mum know it’s dinnertime….