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Not all who wander are lost…

Wandering excites the senses and creates a myriad of experiences.

Emotive, exciting & reflective experiences that shape who we are.

What follows is a small snapshot of experiences that have shaped my greatest loves: travel, animals and photography…


Travel Theme: Metal

On seeing Ailsa’s theme this week, I was taken back to my time spent in Penghu. Metal objects were in abundance, in many shapes and many forms.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Penghu has been my home for two weeks now. Many layers shape this fascinating city’s cultural landscape: and whilst some are contrasting, they also sit together with the utmost simplicity…


Snow covered surf…? Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Summer is all about sunshine, surf and bronzed bodies. And when you live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, summer is also about wild weather, tropical storms and cyclones.

In the last 24 hours my home has seen torrential rains, gail force winds and a coast line that now resembles a winter wonderland. Massive swells carry metres of foam across roads, delighting both locals and tourists alike.

Mother Nature in all her fury can certainly create the unique and beautiful, allowing those to take in the moment as it is now…

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine <a href=”; target=”_blank”>’s</a><a href=”; target=”_blank”> Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers</a>This week’s Challenge is: <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Now!</a>

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday life

Walking around Geneva with my son earlier this year, I saw this man having a snooze in the afternoon sun.

an afternoon snooze…

Taken yesterday: my son doing what he does in everyday life, listening to music whilst on the computer