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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity…

Serenity is everywhere. In the stillness of the morning, in the quiet of the night and in the laughter of loved ones…



Signs are everywhere. Some are easily seen, some are subtle: such are the signs of life. Subtle indicators of life, left for another to see..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second story…

On seeing this week’s photo challenge I thought of time spent driving through the French Alps with my son, Rob. After pulling over to take a few shots of the scenery, a little dog appeared. He didn’t bark, he didn’t protest our presence: he simply watched and waited.

On a train in Geneva…

life, photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

What lies beyond your own space? Different faces, places, sights and sounds. This weeks Photo Challenge was apt for me as I have been travelling of late, gone beyond my own space and whilst there found beautiful faces, spaces, sights and sounds that lay far beyond my own.
Here are a few…

what lies beyond his infectious smile...?
what lies beyond his infectious smile…?
Beyond the tunnel, what is their destination?
Beyond the beach?
What lies beyond this hug,,, a happy future perhaps?
Beyond his thoughts…?
Beyond her pensive stare… A wish, contentment?


Pangkor Island, Malaysia

I’ve been away.

Away exploring another land, another culture, another way of life. It was beautiful, exciting and challenging and shared with a dear friend. Yet I missed something I had never missed before.

I realised I needn’t look further afield to find beautiful, exciting and challenging. I had that.

And that is where I am now and I find myself smiling. For I am where I need to be. And it was here all along.


Sunshine Coast, Queensland