Night time…


Following me…

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Lake Annecy lansdscapes01052012_0598

We weigh up what is really important and ask ourselves questions that require us to delve deep within.

What was I doing?

Why was I doing it?

And what purpose was it serving.

No purpose at all.

So I made a decision.

I am now following me.



Weekly Travel Theme: Mountains

Mountains: majestic, silent, protective and playful. I love them, their silent presence instils a sense of calm and I feel safe when bathed in their company.

For Ailsa’s theme this week I chose a collection of mountains that adorn the French and Austrian landscape. Their beauty a spectacular backdrop to my travels there with my 14 year-old son, Rob.

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Ailsa’s Theme; Soft..

When I read that Ailsa’s theme this week was Soft, thoughts of my travels through France with my darling son Rob came to mind.

The softness of his being coupled with the beauty of Annecy and it’s surrounds is captured I feel, in these images: I hope you agree…

The soft, still waters of Lake Annecy, France…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happiness is family, friends, travel, exploration, love, tears, laughter, sharing, giving, losing and being. Here is my visual representation of those words…

A montage of happiness…

Travel theme: foliage

When I saw this week’s travel theme from Where’s my backpack I thought of an image I took whilst driving through the French countryside with my son in April.  These trees were impressive as were their incredible colour.

Forest near Annecy, France