I said a sad farewell tonight. For those of you who cherish real friendship, you will understand my heartache.
A special woman who has shared many moments with me is jetting off tomorrow, to see where the world takes her.
She is special, she is beautiful, she is strength personified, but more than anything, she is a friend and one whose presence in my everyday world, I shall miss. Terribly.
I’ve not thought about it until now, funny how we do that. We tend to think we will be ok, but when the reality of a moment sets in, we know we are not ok.
I will miss her.
We do not live in each other’s proverbial pockets, but we are masters in the ability to dissect our problems and we have spent hours analyzing where life should or would take us. Over countless bottles of wine we have solved the world’s problems while strumming guitars that give melody to well thought out lyrics that only we can understand.
We know. We hear.
That is friendship.
I will miss that.
Travel safe my friend and continue to share your wondrous journey, for through your words and ‘Kevin’ I shall travel it with you.
If you want to travel with her, follow Ames @  a lifetime of lessons

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