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juggling life…

Life is a juggle don’t you think?

I definitely do, particularly this last week as I’ve had to finish 8 photography assignments for uni, be a mum and ensure the ever present and faithful Stanley has his 4-legged needs met.
So as its turned out, my challenge to myself to try and ‘postaday’ has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. However with a few moments spare before I dash off to classes (with 8 finished assignments in hand), I thought a small post documenting my last few days work would suffice.
Feel free to comment as I warmly welcome constructive feedback, which in turn can only serve to improve my photography. 🙂

Advertising shoot assignment ©2012jlhphotography
Reflective objects assignment ©2012jlhphotography
Advert assignment ©2012jlhphotography
It’s amazing what a sparkler, some wrapping paper and a bottle of Chanel will do. ©2012jlhphotography

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