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Strange dogs or strange owners…?

I’m starting to get a little worried. Do I have a penchant for collecting strange dogs?

I wonder.

For those of you who follow my blog you may recall my story of my beloved Sausage who disliked walks immensely and you may also know that after her sad passing I adopted another wire-haired dachshound of whom we named Stanley. Sausage always amused us with her absolute refusal to walk and her many other strange behaviours, now it is Stanley who has us wondering if we have a strange effect on our 4-legged friends.

The other night my son and I were happily gnawing on freshly cut watermelon when his Dogship, who not wanting to miss out on any human activity, jumped on the couched and sniffed excitedly in the direction of the watermelon. ‘Stanley, it’s watermelon,’ I said. ‘You won’t like it’. At those spoken words he inched his way closer and having nearly finished my piece, I offered him some.
To my surprise, he ate it. No sniff, no slurp, just one big grab and swallow. And there he stayed, hovering and salivating until he was offered and subsequently devoured more watermelon.

Watching for the boys to come out of school…

It gets better, or should I say gets stranger. As a vegetarian I eat a lot of vegetables (funny that). So the night following the watermelon night, I had made a delicious stir fry of chinese cabbage, carrot, potato and leek sautéed in a thai flavoured spicy sauce. Accompanied by a glass of Pinot and a good movie, I curled up the couch to enjoy my simple meal.

Enter Stanley.

Taking a leap onto the couch and in very similar fashion to the watermelon incident, he once again sniffed excitedly. And once again I said, ‘No Stanley it’s cabbage you won’t like it’.

I really don’t need to say what happened next do I? Yep, he ate it. And the pièce de résistance? The night following the night of the cabbage, I was eating an apple. Yep, he ate that too, straight from the core.

A unique or should I say strange use of his doggy bed…

And I could continue, as there are many, many more strange incidents and events. Making love to the broom, sleeping in, not on his doggy bed, playing with unwilling cockroaches and mistaking a dropped piece of rocket lettuce for a strange yet unique looking bug.

‘Mum, why won’t this strange looking bug play like the cockroaches do…?

So the question remains: Strange dogs or just a strange owner?

11 thoughts on “Strange dogs or strange owners…?”

  1. Stanley sounds like a hoot! I had a bird that wouldn’t, absolutely refused to eat bird food of any sort..he was also afraid of water and loved cream cheese on a chopstick.. don’t worry you are not alone in the strange pet department


      1. The kicker though.. I had to get a budgie (he was a parrot) to remind it how to BE A BIRD.. no joke..It would molt, or preen, or do anything bird like at all, until the budgie…. they are fabulous.


    1. No maybe not and I met a couple of dachshunds on the beach recently and they loved it to. So love 4-legged friends, they rock my world. Your 3 look adorable btw, my sis had a Bischon when we were kids.


  2. He looks so cute!!!! Well, i ‘ve heard that dogs and cats end up looking like their owners and vise versa! Plus each one of them (our pets) has a different personality! I had a small parrot who was in love with his cage-house! He refused to get out of it, and if i took him out he used to sit on my finger and we would walk around my village, even go to the beach! 🙂


  3. Strange dogs! I think every dog has its own “isms”, but it takes a special owner to take notice and appreciate them! I feel sorry for the ones that go unnoticed. Cheers to you, and Stanley!


      1. Yes! 🙂 These are the places of the beaten track I have been highly recommended also – by numerous people now. Andddd… just to confuse the matter further I am thinking of postponing Nepal until Feb March because the weather in December is collllld… Haha… let me know because it’s really an ideal time for most places in Feb, so if there’s somewhere in particular you want to go then suits me! All of these places I am hoping to get to anyway xx


      2. Hmmm yeah of course, Nepal will be brrrr in Dec – def happy to go there in feb: me, you and Kathmandu 😊Skype from India if you can x


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