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taking the time…

Photo 20
It’s a dog’s life…

On a warm summer morning, with Stanley snoozing beside me, I’m taking the time to read some of the wonderful, informative and creative blogs here on WordPress: something I’ve not had time to do of late.

On reading, I remember why I should take the time.

WordPress a positive place, full of inspiration and a place that allows connection with so many  people from many different backgrounds and people who I don’t know at all. But on reading, I feel as if I do.

It’s refreshing somehow…

Mooloolaba Beach….

Reading Edith’s write up on A sense of place has me thinking about my own place and how we often don’t see what is around us on a daily basis. I know I don’t sometimes.

Maybe I simply need to open my eyes a little wider as it’s become too familiar. Something it never was during my flying years when I was somewhat of a transient resident, filtering in and out, without seeing.

I’m heading to Malaysia next week to backpack through the highlands with a dear friend.

Maybe on my return my eyes will be wider and I will take the time to see…

4 thoughts on “taking the time…”

    1. Thanks for wanting to post another of my images, this one is taken at my home: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 🙂


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