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Dogs can speak, just ‘listen’ to their ears…

Dogs can speak. Just as humans use sign language, I believe so do our 4-legged friends, but instead of using their paws, they use their ears. And if you take the time to listen to their ears, you’ll see they actually speak volumes.

With that in mind I decided I would write a post about doggy ear language. On deciding, I thought who better to demonstrate doggy sign language than my beloved Stanley? However there was only one problem with that decision: I needed Stanley to cooperate, but he was too busy sniffing, sleeping, catching a few winter rays or stopping to chat to one of his friends on our daily walk.

So please excuse the quality of the images, it was not an easy task to manipulate leads, IPhones etc to get that perfect shot.  But I was persistent and did manage to capture a little of how his dogship communicates.  Here goes, with a little caption ‘translation’…

And a final note: as Erica says; dogs definitely make everything better. ❤

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