Life on Penghu: the good, bad and ugly (well not really ugly)…

I’ve been living on Penghu for just over a week now and interestingly enough I feel like I’m starting to fit. Contrary to what I wrote in an earlier post about it probably taking a while to feel like it’s home, the last few days it’s starting to feel exactly that, like home. And like any home, it has its good, bad and ugly.

Here’s my list so far. I’m sure it will change, which is the exact reason I wanted to compile this list, so here it is, in no particular order.


1. The incredible kindness of the Taiwanese people.

2. Hearing my kids chant, ‘Good afternoon Teacher Jen’.

3. Being told about a bakery that bakes REAL baguettes, then tasting them. (You would understand this simple pleasure if you had been subjected to the bread here).

4. Inventing a recipe of sweet potato, garlic and rice (seriously delicious).

5. The kindness of my fellow teacher, Asha: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

6. Buying Francine, my 100 cc scooter and then having the wonderful Asha teach me to ride.

7. Not having to wear RED lipstick to work. (Or any make-up for that matter: oh the joy).

8. Having a 5 min walk to work, or a 1 minute ride on Francine.

9. Playing the dancing game with my kids and dancing like there’s no-one watching.

10. The simplicity of life on Penghu that is totally free of negativity.

11. The musical garbage truck, my nightly entertainment, ah life is full of such simple pleasures when one does not have a television or books. (A post featuring this is in the works, stay tuned).

12. Simply being free to be ME…

13. Learning and confidently saying thank you, hello, how much and I don’t understand in Chinese. (No easy feat, so I’m very proud of myself).

14. Being recognised by the Vegetarian vendor at the market. (Ahh, I’m finally unforgettable in someone’s eyes!)

15. The Everything Shop. (Seriously that’s its name and it literally has everything).


1. My rock hard bed. (My mother would LOVE it).

2. My crushed rock pillows. (A visit to The Everything Shop might soon be in order).

3. The relentless howling winds that are unforgiving to the unsuspecting. (Thankfully they die down in February, hmmmf only 2 months to go!).

Not too much on the Bad list and as for the Ugly, well I’ve yet to find that one…


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