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Where for art thou Indian Visa…?

I’m starting to get a little concerned.  Why I hear you ask?  Well it’s like this.

I’m not sure if fate is preparing me for dealing with Indian bureaucracy, which according to a BBC report, is the worst in Asia, or my application for an Employment Visa is simply lying in a slush pile at the Indian Embassy silently screaming, ‘pick me, pick me.’


Whatever the answer, with December 27 approaching at speeds likened to a B777 at 37,000ft, I’m a little worried. For without visa in hand, or more importantly my passport, which is of course lying in wait with my visa application, I’m not going anywhere.

Adding to the mix, I fear the delay is also due to the fact the big, fat man in the red suit is on his way.  Let’s be honest, the festive season invariably causes life outside of gift shopping to cease and only begins again when the contrails from his speeding sleigh have long since dissolved.

So where does that leave me?

Well that’s easy to answer, unlike my beautiful Oscar in the above image, I’m sending out positive vibes whilst patiently waiting, waiting, waiting.

Stay  tuned…


5 thoughts on “Where for art thou Indian Visa…?”

  1. Uh-oh. I hope your visa issues get resolved quickly and you can get some meaningful work done in my country. Christmas is only big for the retail sector in India so I doubt the holiday season is the snag here. All the best!


    1. Thanks Varnika, my visa is being issued in Australia where unfortunately Christmas & summer holidays take precedence: everything goes into slow mode from mid December to mid Jan… fingers crossed though, all will be well.


  2. As you bite your nails waiting for an Indian work permit, I wait for one in the USA.
    Hope things get sorted out and you are able to have a stress free holiday and flight.
    Having been born and raised in India, if there is anything I can do yo help you and can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to ask–
    Good luck.


      1. You are going to Udaipur?? Wow! What kind of work are you going to do there. My husband and I are hoping to take a trip there in late winter or early spring.
        I hope you stay well and have a good time there. I love Marwadi food. Hope you’re system adjusts to it. 🙂


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