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Silence of the Lambs ahem, Dachshunds…

Oscar & Stanley are my much-loved wire-haired Dachshunds.
More often than not, when I’m on the computer, they will lie with me on my bed if I’m on my laptop, snooze on the couch if I’m at the desktop, wrestle at my feet, or in quieter moments, simply wait and watch.

A quiet moment...
A quiet moment…

This morning was no different, they lolled about as I posted images for this week’s photo challenge, and as I was engrossed in posting, I failed to notice their departure. It was only on finishing my post that I noticed I had obviously become the proud owner of two highly skilled, 4-legged interior decorators. And their choice of material? Toilet paper: here are a few snaps of their silent, yet somewhat creative handiwork.

10 thoughts on “Silence of the Lambs ahem, Dachshunds…”

    1. I think he is, Stanley has never decorated with toilet paper before, however HE did have it in His mouth! :-0


  1. Utterly brilliant and I have finally worked out what Chicken is! O and S are most handsome. I do have a penchant for odd shaped dogs and almost got a wire haired myself a few years ago.
    Are they going with you?


    1. No they’re not as I think it would cause them more distress than being here without me. They will be well looked after and hopefully on my return I will not have been forgotten.


      1. It is hard indeed, but they will be loved and i’ll be back in 12 months. And when I feel a little low, I think i will wander your blog in search of a giggle… i really do love your humour.


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