Taiwan bound, the journey begins…

Life really does toss the odd curve ball, particularly when we least expect it. However, it is how we PLAY that ball that’s important. A few days ago I was thrown one such ball and rather than tossing it away, I have decided to run with it as far as it will take me.

Walking a new road..
Walking a new road..

That brings me to the subject matter of my post, for that ball I speak of, was an offer to teach on Penghu, an island off the coast of Taiwan. And the reason that ball is somewhat curved? It’s been thrown a little earlier than planned. You see for some time I have been gathering qualifications in the hope of living and teaching overseas when my youngest son finishes school in 2015. But with job opportunities at an all time low here on the Coast, and my darling boys giving me their full support, I started exploring. And I discovered Penghu.

So in 10 days, I shall begin a new chapter in my life. It will present challenges, I’m sure of that, yet I am also sure it will allow me to grow as both a woman and teacher, all whilst experiencing a new and very different culture.

3 thoughts on “Taiwan bound, the journey begins…”

  1. Meredith, thank you. How funny it is. You arriving and me, departing… I have your Skype, hopefully we can speak from time to time. 🙂 x


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