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A hitchhiker’s guide to bodyboarding…

I found out something interesting after picking up my son from a day of bodyboarding. Hitchhiking is possible when out catching a few waves. I kid you not.


This little piece of interesting information came to light when I collected my son from a different beach from the one I had dropped him off at earlier in the day.

The conversation, as he deposited his wet, brown self into the passenger seat went a little like this…
‘So how did you get from Pocket to here?’ I asked. ‘We hitchhiked’, he replied. ‘What! You hitchhiked?’ Horrified at the thought of my son getting into cars with strangers, I started a tirade about the dangers of hitchhiking, which was met with a rather quizzical expression from him. Actually it was more like, ‘I think Mum has gone a little loopy’ type of expression. ‘Mum, the jet-skiers see us paddling around the Point and ask if we want to hitch a ride, so we do. It’s a lot easier than paddling.’

So I learnt hitchhiking is not only confined to our roadways, obviously it is also common practice in the surf!