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taking time…

I’ve been so busy of late, busy trying to find a path in the road I travel. And in doing so, I’ve not found time to browse through WordPress and momentarily step into the lives of other wordpressers.

But that’s ok, they are still there and I like the idea that I can tap into their worlds, drink in their words, life and images, and in doing so, reconnect. That’s comforting.

I have however, had time to pick up my camera to shoot off a few images: a lingerie shoot for a friend who owns a boutique.

In doing so, I’ve taken the time to do what I love : and I love taking photographs…


A boy and his camera: the results…

My 15 year-old son Rob took his camera, his bike and his friend to the beach today: these are the images I found in the camera…

Yes I am a proud Mum, but I think his images are brilliant. And because of the ‘ripples’ he captured within his images, I felt they were fitting for Ailsa’s travel theme this week.

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A hitchhiker’s guide to bodyboarding…

I found out something interesting after picking up my son from a day of bodyboarding. Hitchhiking is possible when out catching a few waves. I kid you not.


This little piece of interesting information came to light when I collected my son from a different beach from the one I had dropped him off at earlier in the day.

The conversation, as he deposited his wet, brown self into the passenger seat went a little like this…
‘So how did you get from Pocket to here?’ I asked. ‘We hitchhiked’, he replied. ‘What! You hitchhiked?’ Horrified at the thought of my son getting into cars with strangers, I started a tirade about the dangers of hitchhiking, which was met with a rather quizzical expression from him. Actually it was more like, ‘I think Mum has gone a little loopy’ type of expression. ‘Mum, the jet-skiers see us paddling around the Point and ask if we want to hitch a ride, so we do. It’s a lot easier than paddling.’

So I learnt hitchhiking is not only confined to our roadways, obviously it is also common practice in the surf!


Snow covered surf…? Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Summer is all about sunshine, surf and bronzed bodies. And when you live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, summer is also about wild weather, tropical storms and cyclones.

In the last 24 hours my home has seen torrential rains, gail force winds and a coast line that now resembles a winter wonderland. Massive swells carry metres of foam across roads, delighting both locals and tourists alike.

Mother Nature in all her fury can certainly create the unique and beautiful, allowing those to take in the moment as it is now…

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine <a href=”; target=”_blank”>’s</a><a href=”; target=”_blank”> Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers</a>This week’s Challenge is: <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Now!</a>

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taking the time…

Photo 20
It’s a dog’s life…

On a warm summer morning, with Stanley snoozing beside me, I’m taking the time to read some of the wonderful, informative and creative blogs here on WordPress: something I’ve not had time to do of late.

On reading, I remember why I should take the time.

WordPress a positive place, full of inspiration and a place that allows connection with so many  people from many different backgrounds and people who I don’t know at all. But on reading, I feel as if I do.

It’s refreshing somehow…

Mooloolaba Beach….

Reading Edith’s write up on A sense of place has me thinking about my own place and how we often don’t see what is around us on a daily basis. I know I don’t sometimes.

Maybe I simply need to open my eyes a little wider as it’s become too familiar. Something it never was during my flying years when I was somewhat of a transient resident, filtering in and out, without seeing.

I’m heading to Malaysia next week to backpack through the highlands with a dear friend.

Maybe on my return my eyes will be wider and I will take the time to see…

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Good morning Mooloolaba…

This morning was stunning. Summer is well on its way (not that we have much of a winter here) and so a walk on the Coast’s beautiful Mooloolaba beach was on the agenda. I suggested it to Stanley who naturally welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm, after all a change from our normal walk would mean new sniffs and scents.  I don’t know why I don’t head to the beach every morning, after all it’s only a 5 minute drive and what awaits is simply beautiful.

Here’s a visual representation of our morning…

Mooloolaba beach